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Adult ministry is a chance for a group of adults to come together and have a chance to join in fellowship with one another. Everyone is welcome to come together as this is open to all adults.  Discussions range from traditional bible studies to discussions about films, books and spiritual topics.  This class meets each Sunday at 10:30 am, September - May. 



We understand that children learn more from hands-on projects.  Stories and lessons are supplemented with activities designed to bring concepts to life. Each month, we have a Super Sunday where the entire church family is invited to join us in appreciating God's creation. Stories, drama, arts/crafts, active games and many other activities are themed around a bible story. Join the Zwingli family as they expore the bible each month. Stay for lunch following the program. 



 Are like a bible school adventure offered the last Sunday of each month. This family romp through a bible story or biblical theme includes stories, games, crafts and tons of fun. This family program is designed for all ages to enjoy. Grab an adult and join the fun! 







Confirmation is an annual program that allows youth 7th grade and above an immersion in church life. Youth are challenged to complete classes, service, worship, and fellowship opportunities. These are designed to give the youth a clear picture of active Christian life. Opportunities are offered each year culminating  in a ceremony in  which youth  confirm their baptism and become full members in the body of Christ.   



Hands of Change Youth Service Project 

Hands of Change or HOC is an eccumenical afterschool program of youth grades 6-12 open to all students. Youth are gathered in front of the school, given  a snack and transported to a service site each Monday Monticello school are in session. Youth find the joy of helping others throughout Green County. Food Banks, Assisted Living Centers, community projects and much more. Youth then return to Zwingli at 6pm.  Contact Zwingli Office for more information and an application.  


TOGETHER - Small Groups 




Zwingli Men's Brotherhood  


Zwingli Brotherhood 

  • The Brotherhood is a long standing tradition.  Men of all ages meet and share thoughts, dreams and challenges with fellow Zwingli Members.  The brotherhood meets the second  Saturday  of the month at 9:30 am  in the North Room of Zwingli UCC.  The Brotherhood sponsors  brunches  for All Saints Day, Easter Sunday and many other times. These brunches are open to the entire Monticello area.  They fund an annual scholarship for students who are bettering themselves through education.  The Zwingli  Brotherhood  has  adopted a portion of Route 69 this year marks over 100miles of roadside clean -up.  Cheer boxes for homebound folk throughout the region are assembled and delivered by brotherhood members twice each year, and much more.Brotherhood reaches out to the region by working side by side  with students during  the Monticello Schools Service Day projects,

  • Zwingli Women United 

  • Women’s Guild was an organization of all the women in the Zwingli family.  Since 1941, the Guild was a  driving force behind many of the mission and fellowship opportunities throughout the Zwingli Church year.  They have combined with the Ruth Circle to form Zwingli Women United. 



  • Weekly Social Time 

  • We at Zwingli enjoy just being with each other each week.  a social time,  served by members who enjoy hospitality and understand the joys of serving others,  gives us an opportunity to sit a spell and talk with our Zwingli family members each week following our worship service.  


  • Mission Team

  • A church with no walls…

    Zwingli is a place where ALL are welcome. We love to share our gifts with others. Our Mission Team is constantly reaching out to help and welcome everyone. They host an annual supper for the  “Crossing” UW Madison campus ministry. The Mission Committee supports and organizes the annual bell  ringing  raising funds for local folks who struggle with emergency needs . The mission committee is responsible for organizing and hosting families  in need at our church through the Family Promise program. Committee members organize and spend weekends working to build and remodel Wisconsin Conference Campgrounds. Christmas care Packages for Green County neighbors is an annual event.  We have raised emergency relief funds for the Blanket Drive  and sponsor a team in the CROP Hunger Walk fundraisers for Church World Service who distributes emergency aid to 88 countries throughout the world as well as support CWS blanket drives each year. we collect food for Green Cares the local food bank.   

  • Care Ministry

  • We Care Friends  

    The "We Care Friends" is a small group  whose members  are the face of Zwingli for those who cannot attend church or just need a friendly visit.  The “We Care Friends” participate in a variety of activities which carries the love of Zwingli to all its members. Members share the Zwingli family experience by  delivering CD recordings  of our worship service, praying and visiting with members, sending out cards and providing special events for people in assisted living centers.  Our Team is grateful to many people in our congregation who tell us if there are members who need and want visits. They encourage the congregation to visit and help members of our church family. 

    Prayer Chains

    Zwingli offers a couple different varieties of Prayer Chains.  Do you prefer talking on the phone, receiving and passing on a prayer request?  We have a phone prayer chain just for you!  Prefer receiving a prayer request via email?  We offer an email Prayer Chain for you.  We are always looking for people to join one of our chains and help pray for those  in need of prayers.   

    Sunshine team

    Our Sunshine Team writes letters, sends out cards, and occasionally visits our church family.  A bi-monthly list is provided of members that may need a little pick-me -up note or call. 


                               Zwingli UCC is blessed to be a church filled with compassionate and loving people who genuinely care for one another.

  • EF & G 

  • Evangelism, Fellowship and Growth (E. F. & G.) Committee's purpose is to promote fellowship within the church. The Homecoming festivities through a non-denominational church service in the Montesian Garden, Valentine Brunch, Lenten Suppers, Mother's day flower distribution, Father’s day Root Beer floats served after worship, and  the  Annual Packer Party at the New Glarus Home are just a few of the many fellowship and outreach offerings we plan and provide each year.  If throwing a party is your passion, if meeting new people and building relationships is appealing to you, if sharing the love of a family with others is your thing, you will find kindred spirits in this group.

  • Friday Fish Fry                               

  • Friday Fish Fry -Seeking the illusive perfect fish dinner in Southern Wisconsin these folks meet each Friday to share a meal at one of the hundreds of restaraunts that serve a weekly fish dinner. Don't like fish? Join us for the fellowship and a hamburger.                                        

  • Altar Guild

  • Zwingli's Altar Guild  decorates our church to fit with the seasons of the church.  Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Pentecost all add a visual component to the worship experience. The Altar Guild brings the language of art into our worship experience

  •  Kalberwurst

  • Under Construction - Check Back Soon

  •  Audio-Visual Ministry / Tech Team

  • In 1972, Rev. Charles Workman and Zwingli member Lyle Sinnett made weekly recordings of the worship service and delivered them to the shut-ins. Those recordings were also broadcasted on WEKZ am radio in Monroe. The recordings have evolved from reel to reel to cassette to present day CDs. They all shared the message of God’s Love.  Since COVID we have added a Livestream to our Facebbook Page and archived videos of worship on YouTube channel. These people are responsible for quality sound and video renditions of our worship. Our total digital system has come along way from  the first sound and recording programs.  Our "Long Throw Projection" system allows for the use of graphic images and media as a part of our worship experience. Each week members,` of our Zwingli family work with the minister and others to visually enhance the worship expereince .    Our internet presence is managed by our "Tech Team" who  keep our web presence current and appealing. Facebook page, webpage, youtube are how we spread the Zwingli message to the world.         

  • Music  

  •   Chime Choir -  Join youth and adults as they bring the sound of chimes to our worship experience. Monthly and holiday offerings are the culminations of weekly pratices: Wednesday evenings 6:15pm  Septmeber - May.                                                                    

  • Special Music -  Vocal and instrumental gifts by soloists and ensembles are shared each Sunday, June - August as well as monthly September - May.                      Music and Worship Planning Team - We realize that music is key to the worship experience. The M&W Team insures that a wide varity of musical genres  are offered while maintaining spiritual and thematic intergrity in our music during the worship service. We are always striving to provide a wide variety of visual as well as musical expereinces for the congregation.